Thursday, February 18, 2010


今天无意间浪费了很多钱.往返的机票我竟然买成了单程.听到的时候好想死啊:'( 为什么我会那么笨.本来就不是读书的那块料,却硬撑到现在.结果今天的事实证明我连生活的基本能力都没有.做什么都会出错. 如果真的有神明...也许也会对我太失望尔撒手不管了吧. 人啊...越是没钱就越是爱找钱的麻烦. 什么时候我才可以解脱这样的状况. 我的人生充满了失望.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Where's my Venus?

I guess this little girl is getting used to the snow. We were worried that she a mud and can't take the cold. With her pure white coat, i lost her times to times in the snow. Lol. Cross my fingers! Hoping there will be no school tomorrow!!! Let us pray...

The biggest snowman ever!!

Snowing pretty hard last week. 8 inches over night. That was just maddness! Pay a few kids playing with the snow. Didn't know those little ppl were cabable of building a snow man this big! Awesome!